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Now That's Really Cool: Herbal Iced Tea for Summer Heat!

July 27, 2020

Now That's Really Cool: Herbal Iced Tea for Summer Heat!

Now That's Really Cool: Herbal Iced Tea for Summer Heat!

Summer weather has been intense in many parts of North America this year for quite awhile already... but slow in arriving here to the maritime Pacific Northwest. Finally, now, it's warmed up, and we’re eagerly brewing up some of Emily's tasty Hibiscus Cooler Tea. We're loving Em’s suggestion—mixing it up with equal parts of lemonade, to make a delicious herbal Arnold Palmer!

Hibiscus Cooler Tea is plenty appealing for its flavor alone. What I wouldn’t have realized, just a couple of years ago, is that its ingredients actually offer significant benefits, both for general well-being, and specifically for coping with hot weather! (Check the links in the bulk herb write-ups elsewhere on this website if you’d like to look at some references from the medical literature.)

Let’s start with the beautiful red Hibiscus Flower. Yes, it adds a nice tangy flavor and bright color—and that’s all I knew about it for decades, despite my long interest in herbal medicine, and a fair bit of training in the field. In fact, Hibiscus helps lower blood pressure and blood sugar, both of which can go up in conditions of high heat and humidity. It can help with weight loss, a special concern in the season of bathing suits. It calms the nervous system and improves sleep—a great thing on those hot nights!

A 2016 laboratory study comparing the action of 11 herbs against highly pathogenic avian flu viruses revealed Hibiscus Flower extract as the standout in the group, by far, with the strongest action for inactivating the viruses tested, and inhibiting their replication.

Lemongrass is another great tasting herb that many of us are only acquainted with through its role in Thai cuisine. In addition to its cooling and calming actions, it’s renowned in much of the world (lots of the hotter places!) for aiding digestion, counteracting obesity, and promoting perspiration.

Rosehips, a third ingredient adding that refreshing tang to the Hibiscus Cooler mix, brings in additional immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity, and liver-protective effects as well.

Finally, Spearmint is well known for its pleasing flavor, cooling qualities, and for aiding digestion and metabolism. More recently, it has begun to gain recognition as a nootropic herb, enhancing memory, mental and physical performance, and reactive agility in particular .

Each ingredient in the tea has a part to play, for function as well as flavor. Chill out with our Hibiscus Cooler tea—you really will feel better!

By the way, Emily is brilliant at blending herbal teas—that’s just a fact. She has a knack for coming up with formulas that are both effective and easy to drink. Members of my family have been really pleased with every one they've tried, including
    •    Aller-Geez Tea for seasonal pollen allergies
    •    Happy Tract Tea for digestive upsets
    •    P.P. Tea for bladder inflammation
    •    Time Out Tea for anxiety and insomnia
    •    Em’s Herbal Tea as a nourishing hot or cold beverage
    •    Nursing Support Tea for bountiful lactation
    •    Winter Defense Tea for fending off and treating colds and flu

And any of these can be enjoyed chilled! Brew it, steep it, and keep it in your fridge for up to 48 hours.