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Wormwood (Artemsia absinthium), Cut and Sifted, PNW Grown, Certified Organic


PACIFIC NORTHWEST GROWN. Wormwood (Artemsia absinthium), Cut and Sifted, Certified Organic

Common names: Green Ginger, Felon Herb, Old Woman, St. John Plant, Sailor Tobacco, Herbe de Feu, Madderwort, Nagdaun, Ajenjo, Axenxo, Duna, Engana, Remise, Yerba Maestra, La Ana, Surpith, Buyuk Pelin, Ai Rong, Urom, Vilayati Afsantin, Yang Ai, Yovsan

Family: Asteraceae

Wormwood is a herbaceous perennial plant, native to temperate regions of Eurasia and Northern Africa, and widespread in Canada and the northern US. It grows 3 to 4 feet tall on rocky slopes and at the edge of footpaths and fields, preferring dry, shady ground.

Artemsia absinthium is one of the herbs used to flavor absinthe, a liquor consumed by Vincent Van Gogh and many other famous artists and writers in nineteenth and twentieth century France, which is currently enjoying something of a popular revival. It was also used as an alternative to hops for flavoring beer.

In her classic A Modern Herbal, Mrs. Grieve relates, “According to the Ancients, Wormwood counteracted the effects of poisoning by hemlock, toadstools and the biting of the seadragon.”  

It is a powerful bitter, said to be the bitterest herb known, apart from Rue. Like other bitter herbs, it has been used as a  stimulant to digestion and appetite. As its common name implies, it is a strong anthelmintic, meaning that it expels parasites. This herb has strong aromatic properties and contains thujone and artemsin, as well as the anti-inflammatory compound azulene. Herbalists have used it as an antimicrobial, choleretic, emmenagogue, aromatic, mental stimulant, narcotic, immuno-stimulant, anti-inflammatory, emmenagogue, and diuretic.

This plant is great as a topical soak to address fungal or parasitic issues such as ringworm, athlete's foot, or toenail fungus. Topical Wormwood preparations have also been used for arthritis pain. It should only be used internally under the close supervision of a qualified health care practitioner, for short periods of time. Please use caution when administering this plant to children, as large doses can be harmful to the nervous system. Wormwood should not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


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