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Red Root (Ceanothus americanus), Cut and Sifted, Wild Crafted


USA. Red Root (Ceanothus americanus), Cut and Sifted, Wild Crafted

Common names: New Jersey Tea, Mountain Sweet, Wild Snowball, Mountain Lilac, Walpole Tea, Redshank, Buckbush, Desert Buckthorn

Family: Rhamnaceae

Ceanothus americanus, or Red Root, is a shrub that grows between 18 and 40 inches high. Found in eastern Canada and in the US from Maine to central Florida, extending as far west as central Texas and Nebraska, it tends to favor plains, gentle slopes, riverbanks, or forest clearings, with sandy or rocky soil. (Another Ceanothus species, C. velutinus, growing in similar habitats in western Canada and most of the western states of the US, and also often called Red Root, is used by herbalists in similar ways.)

Native Americans used Red Root tea topically to treat injuries and toothaches, and internally for constipation, lung diseases, colds, delayed menses, skins conditions, diabetes, and STDs. The herb is especially noted for reducing swelling of the spleen, and for treating pancreatitis. Herbalists have found it helpful for clearing lymph congestion in conditions including mononucleosis, tonsillitis, ovarian cysts, and cystic breast disease, and in the treatment of hepatitis and other liver conditions. It has antimicrobial and astringent actions, relieves pain and spasms, and is useful for bronchitis.

Red Root contains tannins, alkaloids, triterpenes, and resins. 


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