Alkanet Root (Alkanna tinctoria), Cut and Sifted, Wild Harvested


PAKISTAN. Alkanet Root (Alkanna tinctoria), Cut and Sifted, Wild Harvested

Common names: Anchusa, Dyer's Alkanet, Bugloss, Dyer's Bugloss, Spanish Bugloss, Languedoc Bugloss, Orchanet

Family: Boraginaceae

Alkanet is a plant native to Mediterranean Europe, growing up to about a foot in height, with blue flowers and hairy leaves and stems, like its cousin, Borage.

This herb is commonly used as a coloring agent and dye for natural health care products and textiles. The root contains high amount of antioxidants, and is also reputed to be anti-inflammatory. Not recommended for internal use.

We are proud to use Alkanet in our Red Velvet Lip Balm as a natural coloring agent.

“Alkannin and shikonin and their esters and also extracts of Alkanna tinctoria roots could be used promisingly in pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations for their radical scavenging activity and probably for their anti-aging activity.”

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