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Fall Inventory Sale: 20% Off Selected Herbs

October 28, 2021

Fall Inventory Sale: 20% Off Selected Herbs

Fall Inventory Sale: 20% Off Selected Herbs

Spring cleaning is one thing, and getting things sorted out before Winter shows up is something else. We're looking through our inventory and as we clear a few overstocked items out, we want to pass some great savings on to you!

Here's what's on the table: Alfalfa, Ashwagandha Root (shown in photo above), Bilberry, Lobelia, ThymeValerian Root, and Wild Cherry Bark. Seven excellent herbs that could be described, broadly, as

  • nourishing superfoods (Alfalfa and Bilberry)
  • highly effective cough remedies (Lobelia and Wild Cherry Bark)
  • calming nerve /sleep tonics (Ashwagandha and Valerian Roots)
  • one of a kind (Thyme, a familiar culinary herb, is also outstanding for its medicinal actions, including antimicrobial, decongestant, and antispasmodic)

Use the links here to read about each one in more detail.

We'll be offering 20% off on our existing stocks of these through the end of the year—or until they're all gone. Nice deals on some amazing plants!