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Mother's Bundle

Mother's Bundle

Know someone who just brought their baby home? Looking to get something for yourself, for when you bring your bundle of joy home? Look no further! Complete with Postpartum Sitz bath, supporting herbal teas, and homemade honey, bring a little ease into the lives of someone who has given birth recently. This easy, simple bundle will offer the chance to support those who have recently given birth on their road to healing and learning to be a parent. 

  • Nursing Support and Blessed Woman teas (2 oz. each): The Nursing Support Tea is specifically made to aid in lactation. While this tea tastes bitter, it is effective for anyone breastfeeding and having issues with her milk coming in. Our Blessed Woman tea is blended with nurturing in mind, and helps restore mineral balance to our nurturers. 
  • Postpartum Sitz Bath (4 oz.): This soak is made to add to your bath to promote healing and comfort after birth. 
  • Bath infuser bag: Recommended to use with bath soaks to make cleanup easier!
  • Pure Calendula Oil (2 oz.): Use on baby's skin after bathing to keep their skin soft and protected. 
  • Marie's Bees Mother’s Honey (4 oz.): Local honey infused with our Nursing Support Tea herbs. Made to support lactation and women's health at any stage of life. 
  • Lip balms, 1 each: Mocha Suede, Red Velvet, Creme Brulee. Made with care, and perfect for the colder months. 

Options: add ForLife Brew-in-Mug (color may vary from picture; limited supplies); add gift box with green ribbon


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