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Wellness Bundle

Wellness Bundle

Know someone who's in need of a care package during cold and flu season? This bundle has everything natural that anyone would desire to remain healthy or give their immunity a boost. Packed with three different teas meant to help you heal, local honey, and natural hand sanitizer, this is perfect gift for anyone looking to boost their health this winter!

  • Winter Defense tea, Open Air tea, Aller-Geez tea (2 oz. each): Each of these teas is made to aid in respiratory health and soothe irritation, regardless of whether it's caused by weather, allergies, or smog. 
  • Marie's Bees Honey Oxymel (8.5 oz.): A homemade tonic made from honey, apple cider vinegar, elderberries, cloves, black pepper, fennel, and sweet orange and ginger oils. This health tonic was described in the writings of Hippocrates, and has been a common product found in the homes of many herbalists. Use in cooking, take it full strength by the spoonful , or mix with water or seltzer to boost your immune system, soothe a dry throat, or temper digestive issues. 
  • Marie's Bees Raw Honey (1.5 oz.)
  • Happy Hands hand sanitizer (2 oz.): Tired of standard alcohol-smelling hand sanitizers? This one combines aloe vera gel, isopropyl alcohol, and a few essential oils to help protect you, while also leaving a nice orange and eucalyptus smell. 
  • Essential oils: Tea Tree, Lavender (5 ml. each), and Eucalyptus (15 ml.). These essential oils are natural protectors from illness, preventing microbial growth. Perfect for making a hand sanitizer or cleaning solution.  

Options: add ForLife Glass Tall Tea Mug (lid color may vary; limited supplies); add gift box with green ribbon

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