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Spring Bulk Herb Clearance Sale

April 17, 2024

Spring Bulk Herb Clearance Sale

Sometimes our inventory gets a little bit ahead of us…
keeping things fresh requires us to keep ‘em moving!

We’ve marked 30% off our normal price on selected herbs, while supplies last!

Here’s what we’ve got on sale:
Black Cohosh Root, tea cut
Cardamom Seed, hulled
Chicory Root, roasted, or raw (both tea cut)
Cinnamon Bark, cut & sifted
Eleuthero Root, tea cut
Hibiscus Flower, tea cut
Lemongrass, cut & sifted
Licorice Root, tea cut
Milk Thistle Seed, whole
Raspberry Leaf, cut & sifted
Rosehip, tea cut
Spearmint, cut & sifted
Thyme, cut & sifted

Please call us for special pricing on orders of ten or more pounds.

We need the space… you need the herbs!


(photo: Black Cohosh)