Spring 2023 Newsletter - emsherbals

Spring 2023 Newsletter

April 10, 2023

Organic local herb farm in the Pacific Northwest

Spring 2023 Newsletter

Happy Springtime!

The days are growing longer, and temperatures are slooowly warming up in the lovely Pacific Northwest.

We’re excited about new developments in our business:

    •    The transformation of our website is proceeding well, with improvements to both appearance and user functionality, especially for wholesale customers.
    •    We’ve connected with a new local grower, a specialist in herbs and flowers, and we’re looking forward to a crop of very fresh Calendula Flowers from her fields. She also grows a bit of Chamisso Arnica (A. chamissonis), a North American native plant which is easier to grow than the better-known Arnica montana, and considered interchangeable with A. montana for medicinal purposes  
    •    We’ll be coming out with new labels for our tea blends and essential oils later this year.

    •    We have a new sales associate on staff, Tami, who’s catching on quick, and our shop’s operating on regular business hours, 9-5 Monday-Friday.

    •    We’re quite pleased to be exhibiting our wares and meeting folks at the Bellingham Center for Spiritual Living’s Mind Body Spirit Fair, Saturday, July 22, our first public event in over three years.

    •    Our Spring Cleansing sale, ten percent off all of our tea blends and bulk herbs, continues through the end of this month.

Rejoice! Winter is over, and the seeds are starting to sprout!