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Midwest-grown, Freeze-dried, Premium Harvest Elderberries!

January 06, 2021

Midwest-grown, Freeze-dried, Premium Harvest Elderberries!

Midwest-grown, Freeze-dried, Premium Harvest Elderberries!

We're excited about our newest Premium Harvest offering: certified organic, freeze-dried Elderberries, cultivated by a grower cooperative in the US Midwest!

Freeze drying preserves more than 95% of the beneficial phytochemicals—a single cup of freeze-dried berries is equivalent to more than two cups of fresh or frozen fruit. These tasty berries are perfect for salad toppings, cereals, and smoothies, and can readily be crushed into powder for easy incorporation into your Elderberry recipes and projects.

Almost all of the Elderberries (and Elderberry products) available in the US are imported from Eastern Europe, where the wild harvested fruit is considered certified organic. The delicious farmed American Elderberries we're featuring here are sweeter than the European species, and contain greater amounts of nutrients than most wild harvested berries, and lower levels of cyanogenic glycosides.

Elderberry syrup is a traditional children's remedy for the cold and flu season. Elderberries have been given as a mild laxative, yet also they are reportedly helpful for diarrhea; anecdotal evidence indicates possible benefits for intestinal dysbiosis. Herbalists have prescribed the berries to increase perspiration and urine flow, and as a remedy for various conditions including hay fever, nerve pains, rheumatism, and cancer. Recent studies also suggest a role for Elderberry's antioxidant properties in alleviating complications of diabetes.

The research on Elderberry's antiviral, immune-enhancing properties is some of the most conclusive of its kind, as it includes well-controlled clinical studies on human subjects, in addition to the in vitro experiments which are often cited in support of such activities. (Note—there is absolutely no evidence to support speculation regarding Elderberry playing any role in stimulating harmful immune dysfunction such as the infamous "cytokine storm.")

Our Premium Harvest herbs are well worth their higher price, and available in limited quantities. Give these terrific berries a try, while we've got 'em!