In All Seasons, Calendula is Your Skin’s Best Friend!

October 16, 2022

In All Seasons, Calendula is Your Skin’s Best Friend!

In All Seasons, Calendula is Your Skin’s Best Friend!

Brightly colored Calendula Flowers have been revered by herbalists for centuries. Our Pure Calendula Oil and Salve are two of our signature products. So simple—and simply wonderful!—for so many applications. We call them the good for everything salve and oil.

Autumn weather is still inviting in some places, sunny and warm. Calendula Oil and Salve are soothing for bug bites and sunburns, and may even have some protective effect as a sunscreen. Hands cut up or dried out from gardening? Calendula Salve takes care of that fast!

As the season moves along elsewhere, we're spending more time in heated indoor spaces—and drier air tends to aggravate chapped skin and rashes. Calendula Oil and Salve are great for moisturizing those dry spots, reducing the effects of aging on skin, and relieving dry, itchy scalp.

A summary of the herbal lore notes Calendula's value “…as an ointment or oil for burns, bruises, and injuries… boils and accesses… sore nipples, yeast infections, shingles, bedsores, sprains, varicose veins, acne, pulled muscles, sores, warts… wasp or bee stings.”

David Winston adds, “anti-fungal, antibacterial, and a styptic… athlete’s foot, insect stings, bacterial vaginosis, cervical dysplasia, and vulvodynia.”

Some issues can be troublesome in any season...

For a super easy-to-use Calendula product, our Pure Calendula Salve is hard to beat: it absorbs into your skin readily and won’t stain your clothes.

Pure Calendula Infused Oil is more concentrated, and also serves as a great ingredient for making your own salves, soaps, massage blends, and so on.

Both products are certified organic, and handmade with love in our shop. Try them, you’ll like ‘em!