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Couch Grass (Elymus repens) Root, Cut and Sifted


ALBANIA. Couch Grass (Elymus repens) Root, Cut and Sifted

Common names: Dog Grass, Quack Grass, Witchgrass

Family: Poaceae

Couch Grass is native to North America, and has spread to many other parts of the world including South America, Europe, North Asia, and Australia. It’s found in fields (where farmers generally consider it an invasive pest, since it secretes a chemical that inhibits the growth of other crops), in waste places, on sand dunes, and along roadsides and rail lines. It provides nourishing fodder for cattle and horses, and Couch Grass root has been used as a food source for humans during famines.

Active components of Couch Grass include triticin, mucilage, silicic acid, potassium, inositol, mannitol, and glycosides.

It’s best known as a diuretic and demulcent, a soothing herb helpful for many conditions affecting the urinary tract, notably bladder infections, kidney stones, and prostate enlargement. Like cranberry juice, it may interfere with the ability of bacteria to adhere to the walls of the bladder. It increases the filtering action of the kidneys and thus the flow of urine, helping to wash bacteria out of the system, and also has a direct antibiotic action. The diuretic effect has also been used to aid symptoms of gout by reducing uric acid levels.

Couch Grass is a traditional treatment for acne, and its juice has been employed for jaundice and other liver problems.

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