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Beeswax, Yellow Granules, Certified Organic


Beeswax, Yellow Granules, Certified Organic

This certified organic beeswax comes in small yellow granules so it melts easily for blending into your personal creations. Our beeswax is filtered to remove any debris, and has a naturally sweet aroma. Beeswax is a popular all natural ingredient in body care products, adding firmness and body to balms and salves.

Beeswax, produced by honeybees, has long been used for healing and skin care, beginning in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, as well as in Ayurvedic medicine. While it is typically combined with other ingredients in skin care and cosmetic products, it is active against bacteria, fungi, and yeasts, all by itself. Beeswax can help relieve pain, and contains Vitamin A, making it especially useful for treating acne or reducing stretch marks.


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