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Nettle (Urtica dioica) Root, Cut and Sifted, Certified Organic


USA. Nettle (Urtica dioica) Root, Cut and Sifted, Certified Organic

Common names: Stinging Nettle, Hens Nettle, Devils Leaf, Burn Hazel, Bichu Ghas, Shisoon, Hong Xiao Ma, Chichicaste, Gerrais, Calarno, Daudaua, Grande Ortiga, Haarnesselkraut, Houriga, Kazink, Qurays, Nabat Al Nar, Kerrass, Racine D’Ortie, Sisno, Turike Gida, Virikschik, Wal Kahambilya

Family: Urticaceae

Nettle is a perennial flowering plant native to temperate zones of North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, and introduced in many other locations. It grows 3 to 7 feet tall in the summer and dies back in the winter. It prefers wetter environments such as the Pacific Northwest, growing as an understory plant and in meadows.

Direct skin contact with Nettles is memorable, causing a stinging, burning, tingling sensation due to the hollow hairs on its leaves and stems that pierce the skin and inject histamine, serotonin, and other irritating chemicals.

Cooked Nettles are popular in many places as a highly nourishing green vegetable, often added to soups. Nettles have also been used as a source of fiber for clothing, of yellow or greenish dyes, as a livestock feed, compost activator, and companion plant.

Nettle Root is a traditional and current remedy for many conditions affecting the urinary tract, including kidney stones and bladder infections, and especially benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). BPH is an extremely common concern for men beginning at age 40 and experienced by up to 90% by age 80.

Nettle Root tea has also been applied as a scalp conditioner, and to treat dandruff and hair loss.

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