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Study: drinking tea improves brain health!

October 23, 2019

Study: drinking tea improves brain health!

Study: drinking tea improves brain health!

A study, conducted recently by researchers at the National University of Singapore, and published in the journal Aging, found that people who drink tea (Camellia sinensis—black, green, or oolong tea) regularly appear to be protected against age-related declines in brain organization. Neuroimaging and other data collected from 36 adults, age 60 and older, showed that those who drank tea at least four time per week for around 25 years had brain regions that were connected in a more efficient way.

Previous studies have shown tea’s benefits for reducing stress and improving mood, boosting memory, preventing cardiovascular disease, and cutting the risk of cancer.

As the seasons shift and temperatures cool, summer's relaxation gives way to greater expectations for performance on the job and at school, and the pleasures and advantages of regular tea drinking are clear!

Em’s Herbals inventory currently features three classic and very distinct variants of C. sinensis: bracing Sencha Green, flowery Jasmine Pearls (pictured at left), and smoky Lapsang Souchang. Emily has also formulated a wonderful Chai Spice blend, a delicious combination of spices that can add a whopping extra antioxidant punch to a hot cuppa, or make a tasty caffeine-free pick-me-up by itself, perhaps sweetened and combined with milk or a nondairy substitute like coconut, soy, or almond "milk."

What could be more perfect than stocking up on these great brews, entering the time of year when you'll most want to treat yourself, your family, and guests to the joys and comforts of tea. Some of us still remember that old line, “Take tea and see!