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Starting the New Year… Again!

February 14, 2022

Starting the New Year… Again!

Starting the New Year… Again!

Maybe your New Year's resolution has already gone the way of so many others... ("Adios, amigo!"). Here's another one to consider—so easy, and you can still start it up before wintertime is finished. Doesn’t cost a lot, isn’t much trouble, and it’s really good for you. Just drink more herbal tea!

You’re already reading this blog, so most likely you’ve already got some idea about the difference herbs can make for your health. Short term help with things like improving your digestion, sleeping better, feeling calmer, hurting less, faster recovery from coughs and colds. Long term benefits like stronger immunity, cardiovascular improvement, allergy relief, renewed energy, and more.

And you’ve come to the right place to start up your new tea-drinking lifestyle! We’ve got all these terrific tea blends; we’ve got a great array of single herbs, so you can concoct your own formulas. (Note the delicious and unique new addition to our collection of teas: Hazy Morning!)

And we’ve expanded our offerings of tea brewing gear, with glass teapots in 25- and 42-ounce sizes; a neat 20-ounce French press pot; the stylish ForLife Curve and Dew teapots, and glass and ceramic mugs, all with handy stainless steel infusers; and our latest option, an elegantly simple 32-ounce white porcelain teapot.

For a perfect starter package, order our Tea Bundle: your choice of any three of our tea blends, plus a basic or fancier teapot—and get a sweet deal, with a little Whatcom County honey thrown in.

And speaking of gift packs, remember Valentine’s Day is coming up soon! Chances are someone you care a lot about will be very pleased to receive one of these very special packages. Pamper your beloved, or yourself!