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Spring Cleaning Time, with Super Detox Weeds

May 02, 2022

Spring Cleaning Time, with Super Detox Weeds

Spring Cleaning Time, with Super Detox Weeds

Springtime peaks in the Northern Hemisphere around May Day! It’s a season for cleansing our bodies, as well as cleaning our homes. Lately, many folks have been moving around less much than normal... not just since the onset of winter, but for most of the past two years. Hope you’re getting outdoors these days, or back to the gym—returning to active routines that promote good health and well-being—limbering up, and sweating out the residues of recent seasons of inactivity!

Herbs traditionally play a vital role in this phase of spring cleansing. In much of North America, we need only glance outside to see the resurgence of Dandelion, Nettles, Cleavers (shown at right), Burdock, and Chickweed, growing in the places where wild plants (aka weeds) normally flourish—all classic herbs for your spring detox program.

It's the perfect moment to harvest these nutritious, cleansing herbs (if you're able to locate them in reliably unsprayed areas) and dry them for teas, or infuse them in tinctures. It's also so very easy to order them from us, certified organic and rapidly delivered to your home, all ready for your teapot or tincture jar!

Even more convenient: consider our Cleanse Me Tea, a potent detox blend of Nettles, Cleavers, Burdock, and Dandelion, plus Red Clover Flowers. Those of you with springtime allergy issues will want to take a look at Em's excellent Aller-Geez Tea, featuring springtime stars Nettles and Chickweed, along with soothing Sage, Licorice Root, and Eyebright—a brilliant formula for calming the hay fever symptoms that so many of us experience during this time of year, when tree and grass pollens fill the air.

Our bodies are awesomely designed to clear wastes and toxins... and our ancestors have helped these processes along, for millennia, using plant allies harvested in harmony with the cycle of seasons. Nothing could be more natural!