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Relieve those sore, chapped hands with Calendula!

April 20, 2020

Relieve those sore, chapped hands with Calendula!

Relieve those sore, chapped hands with Calendula!

These days, whether you’re busy working in an essential job, or mostly just staying home, you're likely following instructions for frequent handwashing. So your hands may be seriously suffering from repeated scrubbing and harsh disinfectants. Dried, chapped hands can be painful and endless cleansing can feel like punishment.

Fortunately, the humble Marigold flower, Calendula officinalis, offers a balm for your inflamed extremities! Two of our flagship products, Organic Botanicals Pure Calendula Oil and Pure Calendula Salve, can soothe that inflammation, and help heal the cracking that may come with chapped skin. Cracked skin may even become infected, and Calendula is great for controlling those infections. Dry, itchy skin? Eczema or psoriasis? Diaper rash? These products, handmade in our shop in Whatcom County, Washington, will help!

To make Organic Botanicals Pure Calendula Oil, we infuse Pacific Northwest-grown organic Calendula flowers into organic Jojoba and Sunflower oil. To make the salve, we add that infused oil to Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and beeswax (all organic, of course), creating a rich salve that absorbs into your skin cleanly.

Marigold flowers have been used in healing since the Middle Ages. In our time, research supporting their traditional uses is plentiful. Calendula’s benefits for inflammation have been shown in all kinds of situations, from diaper rash, aging skin, and dermatitis due to radiation treatment in breast cancer patients, to chemically induced colitis and exposure to cigarette smoke in animal tests.

Wound healing effects have also been documented for oral lesions and cut achilles tendons in experiments, and for speedier recovery from cesarean sections. Calendula extract has even shown activity against the HIV virus (an RNA virus, like that other one that’s going around), as well as a variety of disease-causing bacteria and fungi.

No kidding. You’ll want to keep a jar of our premium Pure Calendula Salve, or a bottle of the excellent Pure Calendula Oil, right at hand—now more than ever!