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Holiday Mailing Reminder... Don't wait too long!

November 13, 2020

Holiday Mailing Reminder... Don't wait too long!

Holiday Mailing Reminder

With all the online shopping that’s taking place this year, holiday mailing times may run longer than usual. So if you’re thinking about herbal gifts for the season—especially if your plans involve DIY projects—do yourself a favor and order early!

DIY herbal projects? Yes, your homemade herbal tinctures, infused oils, syrups, salves, special tea blends, and so on, can make great gifts for friends and loved ones! Bear in mind, though, while most recipes for these items are simple enough, many of them require extra time for steeping or infusing—meaning additional delays, on top of intervals needed for ordering and shipping.

Our stock of bulk herbs, essential oils, and compounding ingredients can “help to make the season bright”! (Hint: just adding a little of one or more of your favorite essential oils to one of our infused oils or salves is a super easy way to create unique, delightful body care concoctions.) But don’t wait too long to get started…

Happy and healthy holidays to all!