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Pure Cocoa Butter Salve, Wholesale


An amazing, rejuvenating, and hydrating salve. One of the favorite and most requested by Em’s Herbals fans!  This salve smells amazing! Perfect for use for preventing stretch marks, helping heal new mama’s nursing nipples, soothing dry or bumpy skin due to irritation, and to nourish and heal.  This salve is made from pure unrefined certified organic Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) butter, unrefined certified organic avocado oil, certified organic Shea (Vitellaria paradoxa) Butter, certified organic virgin Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) oil, and certified organic beeswax.

Mmmm, the enchanting smell of cocoa butter! Who can resist this amazing, rejuvenating, and hydrating salve? This salve is made from raw, unrefined, certified organic, cocoa butter; unrefined, certified organic, avocado oil; certified organic, virgin shea butter; certified organic, virgin coconut oil; and certified organic beeswax. This salve smell deliciously of chocolate (because of the cocoa butter)! A few drops of Rose Absolute imparts a slight scent of roses and helps sore breast-feeding mamas.

Great for use in pregnancy to help avoid getting stretch marks! Perfect for healing scars, aiding dry skin, and as a luxurious overall body cream. Cocoa butter enjoys a reputation for aiding in skin elasticity. This salve is mostly cocoa butter, so it is naturally a bit harder than our other salves. I recommend putting it in the shower while bathing to allow the steam to soften the salve prior to using. It will melt at body temperature. Take a small amount of salve in your hands and rub together to warm up and aid in quicker absorption.

For those who have rough, dry, bumpy skin that requires a lasting, deep moisturizer. Cocoa butter has been used to heal deep cracks on hands and elbows, and is a favorite for gardeners!


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