Lice-Away Spray


Lice-Away Spray combines all natural, pure grade essential oils, creating a pleasant scent that these critters just don’t like. Much like a bug spray that repels mosquitoes, this spray is specific for head lice.

Studies show that both Anise and Ylang Ylang essential oils repel lice specifically. Give a light spray and feel confident you have done what you can to prevent infection. Questions? Please email us!


What We  About This Product

Lice-Away Spray is made for those times where there is a problem at school, daycare, or playgroup, and you don’t want to catch it, or re-catch it! Smells wonderful as well! No harsh chemicals, pesticides or irritants for sensitive individuals. Just all natural, floral and anise smelling essential oils, the way nature intended.

How to Use

A light misting of two or three sprays to your kid's head and shoulder area, inside jackets, hats, and hoodies, is all that is needed. Reapply during the day every four hours, or as desired.


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