Hops Strobilus (Humulus lupulus) Flowers, Whole, Certified Organic

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USA. Hops Strobilus (Humulus lupulus) Flowers, Whole, Certified Organic

Common names: Hopbind, Hopfen, Jelavesada, Pi Jiu Hua, Vigne du Nord, Lai Ei Ts Ao, Nirvanchi, Hmelj, Makan Skithe, Hombrecillo, Vidarra, Betiguera, Luppolo, Orticaccio, Houblon, Bijuhua

Family: Cannabaceae

Hops is a perennial climbing vine, said to have originated in Egypt or China. It is cultivated or found growing wild in many moist temperate areas around the world, including England and Eurasia, North and South America, and Australia. Hops and Cannabis are the only recognized members of this botanical family.

Hops is best known as a flavoring and preservative agent for beer, although in earlier times beer was typically brewed with combinations of a variety other herbs chosen for their taste and effects. Young Hops shoots were once enjoyed as a food by the Romans and English. The antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of Hops flowers contribute to its usefulness for brewers.

In herbal medicine, Hops have long been used to relieve insomnia, anxiety, pain, muscle spasms, and restlessness; to promote appetite and digestion, sometimes as an ingredient in herbal bitters formulas; and to regulate bladder activity. Hops tea can be used in fomentations or poultices for painful inflammations and swellings.

Phytochemicals in Hops flowers include flavonoids, terpenes, volatile oils, and alpha and beta acids. Hops contains a powerful phytoestrogen, 8 prenylnarigenin, and has been given for menopausal symptoms, and to dampen excessive sexual urges. The herb is considered a moderate galactogogue and is included in some formulas for enhancing breast milk in lactating mothers, including Em’s Nursing Support tea. Xanthohumol, a flavonoid found in Hops, has been studied for its hypoglycemic, anti-obesity, anti-cancer, hepatoprotective, and anti-inflammatory effects.

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