Elder (Sambucus nigra) Berries, Whole, Certified Organic


ALBANIA. Elder (Sambucus nigra) Berries, Whole, Certified Organic

Common names: Black Elder, Arbre de Judas, Baccae, Baises de Sureau, Black-Berried Alder, Boor Tree, Bountry, Common Elder, Ellanwood, Ellhorn, European Alder, Fruit de Sureau, Grand Sureau, Hautbois, Holunderbeeren, Sabugeuiro-negro, Sambequier, Sambuc, Sambuci Sambugo, Sauco,Schwarzer Holunder, Seuillet, Seuillon, Sureau, Sus, Suseau, Sussier

Family: Adoxaceae

Sambucus nigra species grow as shrubs and small trees in temperate areas of Western Europe, extending into Southern Scandinavia, down to the northern coast of Africa, and east to the Caspian Sea, and in the temperate zones of North America. Their habitats include mostly sunny, fertile locations, both wet and dry.

These deep purple, wonderfully fragrant berries are sure to please.  Elderberry has long been heralded for its antioxidant and immune supporting properties. Elderberry syrup is a traditional children's remedy during the cold and flu season. Elderberries have also been used as a mild laxative (yet also reportedly helpful for diarrhea), a diuretic, to increase perspiration, and as a remedy for various conditions including hay fever, nerve pains, rheumatism, and cancer. Recent research also suggests a role for Elderberry's antioxidant properties in alleviating complications of diabetes.

Active components of Elderberry include flavonoids, triterpenes, volatile oil, sterols, tannins, mucilage, minerals, vitamins A, C, and K, iron, sambucin, anthocyanosides, pectin, sugar, linoleic and linolenic oils.

The taste is fruity and sweet, which makes it a great addition to teas. We offer a tea blend to help keep the immune system strong during the winter. Try Winter Defense Tea, for a yummy beverage to keep you healthy all winter!

Elderberry supports normal immune function.

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