Cacao (Theobroma cacao) Beans, Whole, Raw


PERU. Cacao (Theobroma cacao) Beans, Whole, Raw, Organic

Common names: Cocoa Beans, Kawkaw, Ke ke shu, Arvore-da-vida, Cacahualt, Cupuacu de mata, Hint bademi agaci, Shokoladnoe derevo

Family: Malvaceae

The Cacao tree is an evergreen tree that grows 12-25 feet tall, originally growing in humid tropical areas from southeastern Mexico to the Amazon basin. Currently it’s cultivated, mainly as the source of chocolate, in many similar zones including west Africa and Indonesia.

Traditionally, Central Americans natives used cocoa to treat fever, coughs, and ailments related to pregnancy and childbirth. They applied cocoa butter to burns, chapped lips, and sore nipples.  The Later herbalists used cocoa butter as a wound dressing and salve.  Eclectic physicians prescribed hot cocoa for asthma and as a tonic invalids and convalescents.
Cacao Beans contain theobromine and caffeine with stimulant effects, in addition to a rich array of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory flavonoids and phenols. Its diuretic effects help eliminate fluid buildup in heart failure. The fatty portions of the pods are refined into cocoa butter, useful for many body care products.  

Research shows that chocolate enhances mood and cognition, protects the cardiovascular system by inhibiting platelet aggregation, reduces blood pressure and hyperglycemia in hypertensive diabetics, improves exercise tolerance in patients with peripheral artery disease, and may reduce the risk of diabetes and heart attacks.  


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