Blue Cohosh (Caulophyllum thalactroides), Cut and Sifted, Certified Organic


USA. Blue Cohosh (Caulophyllum thalactroides) Root, Cut and Sifted, Certified Organic

Common names: Papoose Root, Squaw Root, Fairy Candle, Blue Ginseng, Blueberry Root, Frauenwurzel, Stengelblett

Family: Berberidaceae 

Blue Cohosh grows in the hardwood forests of Eastern North America. It was used by Native Americans and Eclectic physicians to reduce labor pains; painful, absent, or irregular menstruation; and as an anti-inflammatory herb for arthritic joints.

 Be sure to consult with a qualified health care practitioner and follow their advice when using Blue Cohosh. This herb has been widely used to help prepare the mother for childbirth and labor, but recently its safety has been questioned. In adverse outcomes, the herb was administered in capsule form, in much higher and more concentrated doses than traditional tinctures or teas. Use common sense when taking any herbal supplement.

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