Birch Bud (Betula gemma), Whole, Wild Harvested


UKRAINE. Birch Bud (Betula gemma), Whole, Wild Harvested

Common names: White Birch, Sweet Birch, Black Birch, Cherry Birch, Mahogany Birch, Spice Birch, Bouleau, Berke, Bereza, Monoecia triandria

Family: Betulaceae

Birch Bud (Betula lenta), wild harvested specifically for us! These Birch Buds came all the way from Croatia, right to our door and into your hands. Birch Buds are extremely hard to come by in the US, due to the tiny size of the buds, and the painstaking labor that goes into preserving these little bundles of goodness. Each tiny bud is filled with wonderful sap and resin, rich in the compounds that make Birch Buds so sought after.

Birch Buds aid in cell regeneration, making an excellent wound healer, and act as an antibacterial and antiviral. Birch Bud is traditionally used as an anti-inflammatory, and is most commonly used in infused oils or as an essential oil. It can also be used as tea. You will not be disappointed with these lovely morsels!


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