Arnica, Mexican (Heterotheca inuloides) Flowers


MEXICO. Arnica, Mexican (Heterotheca inuloides), Organic

Common names: Arnica de la Abuela, Árnica del País, Camphor Weed, Telegraph Weed, Golden Aster, False Arnica

Family: Asteraceae

Mexican Arnica is an aromatic flowering plant that grows in Mexico and Central America, preferring sunny locations, and reaching heights up to 3 feet tall. It is related to, but distinct from, the better-known European plant Arnica montana, and used for similar purposes in traditional Mexican medicine. These include bruising, muscle pain, arthritis, varicose veins, gastrointestinal disorders, nervous ailments, dental diseases, fevers, and bacterial and fungal skin infections.

Research has shown that compounds isolated from Mexican Arnica show a range of activities such as anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant, antiseptic, insecticidal, and anti-tumor actions. Mexican Arnica extracts have shown in vivo hepatoprotective and anticonvulsant effects. In vitro studies also demonstrate effectiveness against Giardia intestinalis.

Active compounds in Mexican Arnica include sesquiterpenes as well as quercetin and other flavonoids. Although traditional preparations of the plant include tea as well as topical products, caution may be warranted in ingesting it, as animal experiments have indicated some toxicity at high doses.


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